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We are producing licitars in a workshop which had raised three generations of licitar makers in the past 76 years.

Licitar cookies

  • Šaranje kolača


    Word Licitar originates from the German word Lebzelter, but derives from Latin word Libum, which means sacrificial cookie. Licitar craft is old about 4000 years, and the biggest workshops for producing these biscuits were in Egipt. Romans brought it to Europe, but the greatest growth of this craft was in the ages of Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. A large number of licitar makers, "medokolačar", were in this business, which requests a lot of artistry, time and devotion.

  • Crvena srca, raznih veličina

    Licitar Hearts

    Each and every piece of licitar biscuite, wheather it is in a shape of heart, animal, or a doll, is unique, because every cookie is 100% handmade and there are no two identical pieces. The most popular biscuite is in the shape of heart. This heart besides colorfull decoration has the small mirror on it. These kind of hearts guys used to give to their girlfriends as a sign of their deep love and as our grandmothers and grandfathers remember as a sing of engagement, just like the ring means today.

  • Razna srca, raznih veličina

    Licitar Hearts Production

    "This job needs a lot of love, not everyone can make good licitar hearts, for only one you will need at least two hours. Making licitar hearts is still traditional and time-consuming work. First, out of water, flour and honey you have to mix the dough, then to shape it with the molds. After that hearts are being baked, dried out and colored with natural edable colors, traditionaly in red, and aferward decorated as wished.." - Bratislav Pajić.

"Srce na dar - A Heart to Give" is a slogan we use for all products from our workshop. Stylized heart with typical licitar decoration from the right side is our trademark.


  • "Prva televizija" visit our workshop

    February 10, 2011.

    Journalist and cameraman of television show "Exploziv" were guests in our workshop in Draginac.

  • Ethnic food and beverages Fair

    December 01, 2010.

    We participated in the fifth International Fair of ethnic food and beverages. There were many manufacturers of traditional Serbian food, and of course drinks.

  • Festival of Tea

    November 28, 2010.

    The first festival of medicinal, aromatic and spice plants "Belgrade Tea Party" - Dom sindikata hall.

  • Bread festival - Novi Sad

    Oktober 02, 2010.

    23 - 26 September we exhibited our products at the fifth "Festival of bread" that was held in front SPENS center in Novi Sad.

  • Sabac Fair

    September 24, 2010.

    Once again at the usual place. For fifteen years, we have a regular participant in the largest fairs in the Mačva district



  • Soon we will in this section have a couple of recipes for making licitar cakes so you can create your licitar heart and decorate it as you wish.

    Recipes... soon